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Church History: Podcast 02 - "Prelude to the Restoration" by Susan Easton Black


This podcast is in a series of recordings of Dr. Susan Easton Black lecturing on the life of founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Joseph Smith. To view the initial podcast click HERE.
Dr. Susan Easton Black is a professor of Church history and doctrine at Brigham Young University (BYU) where she has taught since 1978.  She is a past Eliza R. Snow Fellow, Associate Dean of General Education and Honors, and Director of Church History in the BYU Religious Studies Center. She is the recipient of numerous academic awards including the Karl G. Maeser Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award in 2000, the highest award given a professor on the BYU Provo campus. Dr. Black has authored, edited, and compiled more than 100 books and 250 articles.

Dr. Black Specializes in research on Joseph Smith and the early Latter-day Saints, and in particular on the Missouri and Nauvoo periods. Dr. Black is the widow of Harvey B. Black, the mother of eight children and currently serves as a ward Young Women’s president.
For indexing and informational purposes I will detail the contents, topics, stories, and question discussed in the associated podcasts.  In this instalment of Dr. Black podcasts many contents, topics, stories, and question are discussed which include:

John Lathrop
o   An ordained minister for the Church of England, and predecessor to Joseph smith and Oliver Cowdrey, he was imprisoned for his belief that the Church of England did not have the proper authority even though his daughters did not have a mother.
o   Predecessor of the following members:
Joseph F. Smith
o   Views his father, Hyrum Smith, for the last time
o   His job in the church history archives and his ordination to apostleship by Brigham Young at 27
o   Heber C. Kimball's revelation that Joseph F. Smith will be in the leading councils of the church
Oliver Cowdry
o   How he became a teacher in Palmyra
The Pratts
o   Parley P. Pratt's death and his body's retrieval  
o   Parley's conversion of Orson Pratt
o   Orson Pratt's naming of the chapter in the Doctrine and Covenants and charting the phasing of the moon
o   Potential discipline of Orson Pratt
Fredrick G. Williams
o   Joseph Smith's son named after him
o   Wilford Woodruff
o   Missionary to England
o   Journal keeper and Statistician
o   Funeral
Harold B. Lee
o   Church welfare/Deseret industries
Marion G. Romney
o   First Presidency
Asel Smith
o   Grandfather of Joseph Smith
o   His 11th commandment
o   His revelation about a revolution of religion
Solomon Mack
o   Stories about his many accidents
o   His revelation and publication of his book “The Narrative”
o   His revelations about a pillar of light and hearing his name
Solomon Mack
o   Stories about his many accidents
o   His revelation and publication of his book “The Narrative”
o   His revelations about a pillar of light and hearing his name
Joseph Smith Sr.
o   His 7 visions or revelatory dreams including a similarity to Lehi’s dream
Joseph Smith Jr.
o   Similarities of Joseph Smith’s revelations to his father and grandfathers
The Importance of Family
o   How Joseph Smith was born into a prepared family
See HEREfor a more full list of LDS leaders that are descendent to John Lathrop. 
These podcasts will be posted every Sunday and will deal with church history chronologically focusing initially on the life of the Mormon founder and Prophet Joseph Smith.
Click here to listen to the podcast or click on the banner at the top of the post.  Below is a list of the published podcasts so far. Click on the name to take you to the corresponding post. Enjoy!

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