Monday, May 17, 2010

Guidelines for Authors and Mission Statement

The goal of The Sign of Jonas Blog, created May 16, 2010, is to maintain a professional research-style blog with regular, weekly publications focused on religious studies. 

The authors of this blog need not have unusual or supernatural abilities or intellect.  The blog welcomes all who are willing to put forth effort in their publications. If you wish to write on this blog please see this post. The blog will strive to maintain a fair balance of scholastics and spiritualism, with each author developing his own personal balance. However, an accepted author’s publication status will not be put in question because of a lack of scholastic or spiritual content.

The overall goal of this blog is to have several authors contributing about once a month. The post is to be footnoted (or hyperlinked) with references (not necessarily citations but preferred) in an essay-like format.  The post size will generally be a minimum of 1,000 words with a maximum of 2,000 words, supported by visuals as desired (exceptions apply). Posting, at this point, is not regulated.  One may post as many or as few articles as desired.

The content will focus on various aspects of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a pro-Mormon blog that is to encourage and strengthen the faith of those who read it. Having said this, we encourage the writers to present opposing viewpoints, addressing common objections and concerns of, and against, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint church.  The authors are encouraged to share their testimonies and feelings but should remember to strive to remain objective and honest in their publications.

Each author will focus on an author-chosen, and commonly agreed upon, research section for a set duration of time. The following are some examples and suggestions:

o   Early Apostolic Christianity

o   Parables of Jesus Christ

o   Prophesies of the Prophet Joseph Smith

o   Evidences of the Book of Mormon

o   Profiles of Modern Prophets

o   Latter-day Saints Current Events

o   World Religions

o   The Epistles of Paul

o   A Jewish Perspective of the Book of Mormon

o   This Month in Church History

These are merely a few ideas for you to get a feel of the type of blog this would be. Please feel free to tailor a topic of your own or suggest other topics to us. It is anticipated that occasionally you will be asked to write a special publication for a specific occasion or reason in addition to your regular post. Each author will develop their own identity, unique voice and expertise on the blog and will be called upon to discuss related matters. Once again, you should anticipate a minimum of one 1,000-word blog post a month. 

The author is asked to administer over the comments of his or her post, to encourage discussion, to revise posts in order to maintain accuracy, to answer questions, to be a good example of Christ, and to use their discretion in the deletion of vulgar or inappropriate comments (although you are not to remove comments on the basis of opposing viewpoints). Authors are also asked to read the posts of the other authors and contribute ideas in comments when appropriate.

As this is a professional-style blog we ask that you maintain a professional character, using appropriate language, and material. This includes maintaining a professional air when being berated or scrutinized by antagonists of the church. The author should not get in heated debates, although they should moderate and answer questions in relation to their post: this will lay primarily under the author’s discretion.

As an author your primary motivation in this blog should not be popularity or acknowledgment in the public eye but personal study, the service and teaching of others.  Ideally authors should be motivated independently of the reception or distribution of their works. This is essential to stay consistent and motivated in writing.

The above expectations are to ensure consistency and dedication. Although these are not set in stone, and will be discussed and revised prior to the launch of the blog, they are placed to ensure professionalism and establish expectations.  More important than the quality or style which your research has is the consistency, professionalism, and reliability with which you hold yourself.  If you desire at some point to discontinue being an author at The Sign of Jonas Blog, discuss it with you co-authors and Administrator(s), and it will be arranged and your status edited.

If you desire to join us at The Sign of Jonas, please click on *this* to read the application post.

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