Monday, May 17, 2010

Application Form for Authorship on The Sign of Jonas blog

If you wish to be an author of The Sign of Jonas blog we encourage you to contact us.  Sign of Jonas blog is currently looking for additional regular authors and is always seeking for guest authors: those who can only write occasionally or who wish, or are willing, to blog on a specific topic for a special incidental post.

If you wish to contribute to either, we ask you to send us an e-mail with the following format:

o   Compose a paragraph telling us who you are (name, alias, church experience, hobbies and interests: give us enough information to feel like we know you), what kind of publisher you would like to be (Regular, Occasional or One-timer), and what your current schedule and/or employ (eg. school, work, volunteer service, etc.), or possible limitations are. 
o   Next, include a few subjects you would be willing to blog about (1,000-2,000 word) posts.
o   If you wish, provide a sample of your writing on a topic of your choice 
E-mail the above information as an attachment to lynden.jensen(at) (replace "at" with the "@" sign) and wait for a response.
            If you haven’t already, make sure you read the “Guidelines for The Sign of Jonas blog”, which is specific to your obligations and responsibilities as an author on this blog.

            Note: If you know of anyone who would be interested in joining a organization like this, please refer them to our website.

            The Sign of Jonas Team


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